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Discover How Professional Marketers Close their Sales While Having Fun!!!

Imagine cruising the Caribbean while your Sales In Minutes System is repeatedly closing more sales for you.

When you rent a Sales in Minutes ADD FREE multi-responder (SIMPRO) you will find that there are many benefits to our system.


As a SIMPRO renter after paying a one time out of pocket cost of $35 you are placed in our REVOLUTIONARY RENTAL REWARDS PROGRAM which is a 6 X 6 forced no holes matrix compensation plan which allows you to earn a solid income from the rentals made to 6 other SIMPRO members without you having to make another rental sale. Imagine earning up to $12,340 from one rental.

For those who choose to do rental sales of our multi-responders to others we will reward you by placing you in our LEADERSHIP REWARD PROGRAM


Our sophisticated ADD FREE multi-responders leads to increased sales of your products by allowing you to spend more time prospecting and less time closing sales.

Capture hidden profits by immediately sending your sales message to your hot prospects. Then use automated follow up messages to close the sale, increase profits, and save time!"

Experts have shown that it often takes 7 or more ad exposures before prospective customers actually make a purchase. When you use standard autoresponders, your message is only delivered once. If you don't sell your customer with that very first message, then you don't make the sale!

With the SIMPRO Multi-Responders, your customers will automatically receive your sales message the critical seven times. This will make your sales skyrocket! How much is just one extra sale worth to you every month? What about double, triple, or even quadruple your normal sales averages? That's where SIMPRO Multi-Responders shine.

How much would you pay to be able to have more leisure time without sacrificing sales??

The only way to truly appreciate the awesome power of the SIMPRO Multi-Responder system is to see it in action. Simply fill in the blank form below with your name and email address, click on subscribe, then hit the submit button.

When you test drive our multi-responder as a way of saying many thanks we will send you in our last SIMPRO demonstration message the url of a website that carries

1) the most up-to-date information on hundreds of High Yeild Investment Programs and scams on the internet.

2) the rankings, surveys and opinions of its members with regard to those investment programs.

Well what are you waiting for? Put it to the test NOW!!! FREE Test Drive the SIMPRO Multi-Responder!

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