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2020 International
A vision for your Future

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$20.00 puts you on a path that leads to creation of any automatically duplicated downline into 20 different quality companies, resulting in monthly income from 20 separate sources. In effect, you are getting 20 times the results from a single effort; building your 2020 business. 
  • International
  • Only $20.00  US (plus shipping and handling fees)
  • Never any additional out of pocket expense...
  • 2x2 matrix
What Happens: 
In 2020 you recycle either by personal sales or the cycling of your downline who re-enter under you in the best position to enable you to cycle over and over again, earning you $30.00 plus a one hour prepaid telephone card for each cycle. 

You can cycle an unlimited number of time per day giving you the potential for fantastic income and completely eliminating your long-distance telephone bill! 

How do I learn More about this exciting 
GROUND FLOOR opportunity

Live National Conference Calls
3:00, 8:30 and 10:30 pm EST  -  Monday through Saturday
10:30 pm EST -  Sunday

Fax-On-Demand, Two Minute Business Briefing

Sponsor Name: Roderick Hale
Sponsor ID: 705555
Sponsor E-mail:

Don't Have a fax machine?
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If you have any questions...please feel free to contact me.
Please notify me if you choose to join 2020 International,
so I can help you with this business venture.