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2020 International
Fax to: 1-407-331-4392

For Europe, Australia and Asia, South and Central America 
Or Mail to:
478 East Altamonte Drive
Suite 108-440
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32701
Credit Card
DISTRIBUTOR INFORMATION (please print clearly) 
TName: ________________________________ SSN or TIN (required):_____________________
TAddress (No P. O. Boxes): _______________________________________________________
TDay Phone:____________________ Fax: __________________ Email: ___________________

TName:  ________________________________ SSN or TIN (required):____________________ 
TDay Phone#: __________________________________________________________________

TName of Bank: _______________________ ABA Track Number (9 digits): ________________ 
TCheck Number: ________________________ Account Number:  ________________________ 

Credit Card Information

Name Of Card Holder: _____________________________

Card Number:______________________________________

Expiration Date:__________________________________

Your Credit Card Type: ___________________________

$20.00+$19.95 Shipping and Handling Total=$39.95US

    I hereby authorize 2020 to deduct the above amount from my credit card. I understand that I will  retain my 
original copy for my record of this transaction. I understand that the Payee or Authorized Agent of Payee will sign 
as my agent for this transaction only. This authorization is valid  for this transaction only. No other deductions may 
be created without my our direct written or oral authorization.

   My signature below indicates also that I have read the policies and procedures and I accept the terms and conditions. 
I am also aware that I am NOT required to make any purchase as a requisite to enter the compensation plan. I realize 
that I have the right to Cancel at any time, regardless of reason and that if I cancel within 30 days, I may receive a 
partial refund. Cancellation must be submitted in writing to 2020. 
TPRINT YOUR NAME: _______________________________________  
TSIGNATURE (required): ___________________________ DATE: ________________  

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