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Special Immediate Downline Opportunity

Welcome to the SID promotional page of Roderick Hale, and...
How many fly-by-night opportunities have you joined lately.....??
Are you sick and tired of false promises of financial security.......??
Do you feel left out........and alone.......??
Well.....You have just
discovered the opportunity of a lifetime......
An opportunity that will rock the Network Marketing industry.......
An opportunity that will allow you to:

Have 100's of people in your downline before you join!


Introducing..........Introducing SID! On to bigger and better things!

"Sharing a vision, and determined to share that vision with all who wish to be a part of it. Dedicated to promote and enhance the concept behind SID, and will do whatever it takes to ensure that people from around the world will no longer be taken in by false promises of security." - BET

This is a global opportunity and is open to all people of the world!

SID is forming an elite group of thousands of individuals with a burning desire to achieve financial independence through Network Marketing. When SID reaches that goal, we will join three International Network Marketing programs. SID will enter these programs in a forward, reverse, and middle-out signup. This means that everyone will benefit from a prebuilt downline no matter where they are in the matrices.
Don't worry, SID will be joining programs that will allow multiple entries so that if someone is already involved with one of the programs, they can still join again. And if you are concerned about being stuck at the bottom of SID's first program, don't be. Sid will place you near the top of the second program! The "middle-man" will also benefit from the third program's middle-out signup. You can't lose!

SID's Concept

Phase One
Now is the time to reserve your position in the frontlines of this fantastic opportunity. Downlines are now forming for the first three programs chosen by SID. Just imagine......hundreds, possibly thousands, of people in your organization before you are asked to join! No cost or obligation before we join the programs! And this is only the beginning! SID is still at work!

Phase Two
SID is constantly at work bringing people like you into the system. Everyone that joins will receive a webpage that will promote SID's concept. When he reaches the goal for Phase 2, SID will enroll these people just as in Phase 1. This means more people in your downline!

DGWAVW~1.GIF (10611 bytes)

But wait! That's not all!

Phase Three
SID never tires! His mission in life is to help as many people as he can throughout the world achieve financial independence and security. By this time there will be thousands of people that have joined, and they, along with everyone from Phases 1 and 2, (that are still in all three programs) will be entered into yet three more international programs! Do you see the potential here?

COMPMAN.GIF (4936 bytes)

Phase Four
By now you have probably realized the awesome power that SID is generating. When phase four rolls out, everyone should be making some pretty good commissions. But you know SID! He's still at work! Join today and you won't believe what the future holds for you!

CLICK HERE for an in-depth look at SID.
You may even visit our Member Support area. Here you can see what an elite group
of people is now forming and check the latest member count.
Or proceed directly to Sign up Form.
Thanks for letting me help you realize your dreams,
and for sharing the vision with you. I am your promotional sponsor.
Roderick Hale
ID# rh2402 - Email:

Join us today, and tell your friends about SID!
Special RAM downlines now forming!

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"
Eleanor Roosevelt