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Roderick Hale

100's    of    Educational    and    Informative    Sites    for    Adults,    Businesses,    Children,    Parents,    Families,    Schools    and    Teachers.

This site contains links to 100's of educational and informative resources that adults, businesses, kids, parents, families, schools, teachers, homeschoolers, the learning disabled and retiree's will find useful, stimulating and entertaining. We cover many categories: Education, Business, Childcare and Parenting, Computers, Exercise and Fitness, Entertainment, Employment, Games, Health, Hobbies and Crafts, Music, Personal Growth, Cooking, Sports, Travel and much more.

This site is dedicated to my daughter Victoria. Our aim is to help our viewers achieve success and happiness by providing them with the best information available. We will be continuously adding more links so feel free to stop by periodically.

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